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Wemanage assists fashion and lifestyle companies in their market strategy and development, providing market know-how, network and professional resources, with the advantage of keeping a lean business structure.
In a constantly evolving ecosystem, the needs of small and medium-sized brands are ever-changing. We provide temporary management teams with solid market know-how and business development expertise to guide brands through the challenges of growth today.
Featured Clients
Antonio Marras
Antonio Riva Milano
Art Dealer
Chateau Orlando
Domus Academy
Emporio Sirenuse
European Bank
Hotel Magique
Lisa Corti
Paravicini Milano
Politecnico di Milano
Spotti Milano
W.P. Lavori in Corso
Market Strategy

Wemanage guides the launch or relaunch of brands and projects. Clients are assisted from business planning to supply chain and marketing operations management, ensuring a cohesive strategy and providing an operational support.

Temporary Management - Wholesale Distribution

Wemanage integrates into our clients' existing organizations to oversee the sales & marketing function. Leveraging expertise, networks, and skills, the best marketing mix is identified and aligned with the client's structure, investment ability, and objectives.

Temporary Management - E-commerce and Digital Presence

Wemanage directs the digital transformation process for firms aiming to initiate or boost their online presence across various digital mediums. Utilizing an omni-channel strategy, we harmonize internal and external efforts to enhance digital touchpoints with end consumers, encompassing online retail to digital marketing and communication channels.


Wemanage has honed expertise in sustainability, a vital component in contemporary brand strategy and business models. We offer auditing and reporting services to facilitate company adherence to the most recent sustainability standards throughout the entire business cycle.

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